Do your own research (DYOR)… actually

Even bulls need to stop and think. PC:

*We have an airdrop opportunity laid out at the end of this article. However, please read the article first. It is important in making your decision.*

When I first read about Drip and the daily 1% return, I think my actual out-loud verbal response was “pffffff”. It didn’t matter that I was alone and that my response was like a tree falling alone in the woods. My disbelief had to be expressed verbally.

Still, I had to explore it. The crypto world is one of absolute wonders and horrors. A certifiable Narnia's closet of face-melting gains and back-breaking rugs. …

A whole lot better than dripping sweat, ey?

A couple of weeks ago I read an article by the very publisher I am today writing for. An article that was much different than those I had previously read. After discovering him on Medium months ago, I followed his investing life cycle and endeavors. Each new article would bring me into a new world; some I would indulge in and some I would discard.

After spending the few minutes it took to read that article I chose to indulge. A decision I cherish with every bit of my eager heart. Give…


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