End of pre-course..

Last day of pre-course. Course I’m sick, hoping it clears by Monday.

So this week our challenge wasn’t too difficult but I think it was just giving us a little preview of the code pairing ahead. We had the rather simple fizzbuzz challenge to do remotely with whoever happened to be online at the same time.

I had 2 great partners this week and it’s amazing how quickly you feel quite comfortable through a laptop. Lots of laughing, coffee and learning some stuff too!

Got my points up on codewars as requested. I just wish my code was as pretty as the code written by other people (you can only see this once you submit yours). After a quick chat this afternoon about ternary operators, I am determined to try to use it over the weekend. This week also introduced to a bit more TDD and rspec. This is something I think needs a little more work from my end though.

I re-read a chapter on regular expressions as it’s a topic I find really fascinating (I used to love code-breaking puzzles as a kid and my book of choice for 2 years was the Bible Code. So 90s…). I probably went a bit beyond what is needed at the minute, but I just wanted to make sure I understood what I was looking at when I read a regular expression.

Lastly, inspired by one of our cohort, I want to create my own kata before Monday (will also help with that pesky TDD!). If I manage to do this, I’ll post a link. Happy Friday!