What I learned from hiring over 70 technologists and conducting more than 300 interviews

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1. Article: Eye Movements During Everyday Behavior Predict Personality Traits

1. Article: Great Power, Great Responsibility: The 2018 Big Data & AI Landscape, Matt Turck

2. Article: The Cost of Developers, Ben Thompson Stratechery

3. Podcast: Teaching computers to see with Dr. Gang Hua, Microsoft Research Podcast

4. Article (Dutch): Wat als de melkboer artificiële intelligentie inzet?, VRT

1. Google Duplex content

Screenshot of the Duplex tech demo

1. Book: Hans Rosling — Factfullness

1. Article: “What worries me about AI” — Francois Chollet.

Often AGI, or ‘human-level AI’ is considered the holy grail of AI research. It’s even in the name, human level AI. Why are we so obsessed with getting to a human level? What’s the relation of AI to humans? And what’s our role in a symbiotic relationship between human and computer?

Robot Sophia and Einstein on stage at Web Summit

Han Rusman

Product @ Quin

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