1. Article: Great Power, Great Responsibility: The 2018 Big Data & AI Landscape, Matt Turck

Matt Turck and Demi Obayomi made a fantastic overview of the 2018 landscape.

2. Article: The Cost of Developers, Ben Thompson Stratechery

Probably the biggest news of our industry of June was that Microsoft bought Github for 7.5B dollar. That’s 4,6x as much as Google paid for YouTube, 10x what Facebook paid for Instagram. (WhatsApp was bigger with 19B.)…

Often AGI, or ‘human-level AI’ is considered the holy grail of AI research. It’s even in the name, human level AI. Why are we so obsessed with getting to a human level? What’s the relation of AI to humans? And what’s our role in a symbiotic relationship between human and computer?

How to built a machine that can improve itself, not on one task, but on many tasks? Brain researchers and AI researchers alike note that the only model we currently have of anything close to AGI (artificial general AI, a.k.a. human-level AI) is the human brain. The way our brain…

s with most tech conferences these days, and probably the years to come for the matter, the buzz is all about artificial intelligence. Maybe it’s because of the level of the attendee’s but I found that it’s quite difficult to have a meaningful discussion on the topic. There are many…

Han Rusman

Product @ Quin

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