Brain Storm

Individual Idea Generation

How might we make a way for make kids to store their toys in a way that is easy to find a certain toy faster.


This game involves people going around the room and passing on a noise, any random sound, to another person.Then the receiver of the noise has to pass on the first sound that comes to his/her head to another person in the group.

I like this game because it made people get out of their comfort zone immediately. It also made people in my session laugh very hard. This game has the power to shifting a mood and making it fun and happy.

In the end, everyone has fun and nobody takes each other too seriously.

Session Organization

SETTING: Middlebrook study room. Everyone sat around an oval table. Two big white boards on wall. Quite, no disturbances.

Before giving them slips of paper to draw and write their ideas I we played the game that Icreated, “Noise Maker”. That made everyone laugh and loosened them up. Then I had them all sit around the table and told them my ideas, hoping to possibly inspire them. This was a pretty antsy group so the session organization process only took 20 min, I wish it would have been longer.

There was a total amount of 4 people, 35 ideas during a full 20min. The group IPM generated was .2.

Sorting and voting

We had a total of 5 catagories: star, plus, cloud, smiley face, and an eye. Those catagories later turned in to: easy bins, wall storage, hanging, table storage, fun storage.

Then I gave them each a red and black marker and had them vote on the most creative for red, they got a total of 5 dots. And for the blakc they voted on most interesting, again they could only draw on 5. I had them all vote silently at the same time, so they would not feel on the spot.

Top Ideas

All top ideas came from my own individual idea generation.