My First Open-Source Contribution

Hansal Bachkaniwala
Sep 23 · 2 min read

As a requirement for my coursework for the open-source development course, I recently made my very first contribution to the open-source community. This blog discusses that contribution and what I learned along the way.


In my previous blog post, I mentioned Notes Forever, a simple web-based note-taking app which I developed and made open-source under the BSD License. My peers in the course also developed their own note-taking apps and our task was to contribute to each other’s projects. So I completed these three tasks for my assignment:

  1. File two issues in different projects.
  2. Open pull requests for the above issues.
  3. Review pull requests made to your project.

Filing Issues

I filed 2 issues in different projects, one for a bug and another for a new feature. Check them out below:

  • Bug issue: Fixed a text overflow problem.
  • Feature issue: Added Hotkeys support for saving notes.

Opening Pull Requests

Check out the pull requests I opened:

  • Pull request for bug issue:
  • Pull request for feature issue:

Review Pull Requests

I am yet waiting for pull requests to be made to my project :)

Learning Outcomes

I learned the following skills from this assignment:

  1. Forking, cloning and committing to a Git repository.
  2. Filing issues and opening pull requests.
  3. Collaborating on pull requests.
  4. Polished my CSS skills.
  5. Learned how to add Hotkeys support to web apps.


Now that I have dipped my toes into the world of open-source development, I can’t wait to contribute to projects that I am passionate about.

Happy Coding!

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