The 2016 Presidential Election Translated into Emoji
Nicole Karlis

Bold criticism of Donald J. Trump, pretty vague and obvious bias towards Hillary Rodham Clinton. The writing was also pretty much based on politically correctness since it only covered up topics of xenophobia and misogyny (something which is good), but it ignores completely the horrific fiscal and foreign policies of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but well, this kind of pieces of journalism is what made Trump win the 2016 presidency, since journalists nowadays only care about what is “PC” instead of actual policies that can harm not just minorities, but everyone else.

I am a minority myself (being hispanic) but I also acknowledge the fact that not everything about U.S.A. Politics revolves about race relations, misogyny and xenophobia, and we also should try to give bold criticism to both parties because of their corporatist stances, instead of giving them critic about their “politically incorrect” comments which in the end won’t really do that much effect compared to the neoliberal and neoconservative policies that both the Grand Old Party and the Democrats have been implementing since decades ago.