Democrats: You Should be Ashamed of Fueling a Cold War

The Democratic Party has been linking the win of Donald J. Trump in the United States presidential election to Russia rigging the election in favor of him.

This narrative has been fueled by the Democrats since the democratic primary elections, when the famous site WikiLeaks published the DNC Leaks , revealing various emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee staff which detailed how they planned, before the primary elections had started, how they would achieve to “coronate” the Establishment’s pick Hillary Rodham Clinton and eliminate any form of opposition, especially the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, manipulating news stories from the media by collaborating with different journalists to paint Sanders as a sexist, racist, atheist, and a communist, and also to show off his supporters as “white racists” and “sexist men” by labelling them as “Bernie Bros”.

Then, yet again the site WikiLeaks, published another entry but now showing the emails from the chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign John Podesta, also revealing deep corruption and work between the Clinton campaign and corporate media, to install fear of Donald Trump and bias in favor of Hillary Clinton, which was done to try to secure Hillary’s win in the general election.

Now, the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign are trying to cover up themselves by trying to make false accusations, like implying Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s email accounts and even that they rigged the US general election in favor of Trump.

The CIA, FBI, President Barack Obama, the State Department and technically all the US Government “confirm” the fact that the Russian Government orchestrated a cyber-attack against the Democratic Party, thus making an anti-Russia narrative which resembles a lot the Cold War era, by putting on anti-Putin and Russia propaganda all over the media, tensioning relationships with that country.

It’s pretty obvious that Democrats are doing it to deflect criticism against them, and make people get “distracted” so they can focus on Russia instead of the overt corruption within the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

The media has also made stories about the “friendship” between Trump and Putin, like the one about them having a dangerous “bromance” which can cause a major division within Western countries, and they also tried to classify Republicans as a pro-Putin party, trying to paint them as the ones who have made “treason” to the United States for wanting “harmony” with the Russians which supposedly it’s bad now, but ironically every single Democrat a few years ago would agree with the fact of having peaceful relations between the U.S. and Russia.

Hillary Clinton was a key factor that turned the Democratic Party into an anti-Russia party, by making direct threads to Russia by saying there should be a direct military response against the “cyber-attacks” that supposedly were done by the Russian Government, and she also claimed that “cyber-attacks” should be treated like “any other attack”, which technically means war.

Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic Party had decided to tension relations with Russia even if that meant war just to cover up their corruption and political image.

But in the end the Democrats can’t get this: we don’t care about who did the “hacking”, we care about the information that was achieved because of the “hacking”.

But, should we trust the Central Intelligence Agency and the Government about these claims? Of course we shouldn’t. Why? the CIA is a horrible agency which does the Government’s dirty work of lying to the civilians, so the Government can get what they want with the approval of the general population and the media, like the time the CIA lied about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction” and later on they admitted it was a complete lie, which obviously was done just so the U.S. Government could invade Iraq and thus start the worst war perpetrated by the U.S. in modern history. We shouldn’t trust the CIA again if they have already lied to make us go to the Iraq War, and they want to do the same trick of lying to make us forget the Democrat’s corruption and probably make the U.S. go to war with Russia if that’s the only way to cover up the Democratic Party.

It is shameful how what used to be the party of “anti-war” has turned into a “pro-war” party, and it’s even more humiliating the fact that they are conscious that they are making the United States escalate into what can probably become a Second Cold War, and just so people can forget their corporatist and corrupt tendencies.

The U.S. Government should be ashamed of how they dare accuse Russia of rigging the 2016 elections without any form of proof, when the U.S. has rigged other countries’ elections in the past, and even make coups to overthrow Heads of State, like the coup perpetrated by the United States in Chile to overturn the socialist President Salvador Allende, just so the U.S. could install the right-wing fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet. Even former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proposed in 2006 that the U.S.A. should rig the Palestinian Presidential Election.

In the end I do admit that there was rigging done in the U.S. Elections, but it was not done by Russia, it was done by the Establishment, which tried to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton since the primary elections, by trying to smear Bernie Sanders and his campaign, and also by trying to make Donald Trump win the Republican Primary Election by using their “Pied Piper” strategy which was revealed on WikiLeaks:

Corporate media and the Establishment represent the dark side of American politics, and thanks to Independent media outlets, the Internet and campaigns like Jill Stein’s and Bernie Sanders’ have shown us how the U.S. electoral system doesn’t work, and it’s not because of “Russians trying to hack us”, but it’s because of the Establishment trying to rig the elections to undermine the real choices of the 99% just to appease Wall Street and the Billionaire class.