I’m With Tulsi

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard has been outspoken about her skepticism of the supposed chemical attack in Syria perpetrated by its government to civilians, which left a death toll of more than 80 people.

Recently, she appeared in a CNN interview in which she affirmed yet again about her skepticism about the truthfulness of chemical attack in Syria.

This affirmation done by Representative Gabbard sparked outrage in the Democratic Establishment, to which some Democrats like former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and the President of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden, claimed that Tulsi Gabbard should be “primaried” in her Hawaii district. Why? Because she opposes a regime change in Syria which can further destabilize the region and also create tensions with the Russian Government.

What Howard Dean and Neera Tanden didn’t think about when they attacked Gabbard for meeting with a murderous dictator (namely Assad) is that the candidate they supported in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton, has met and also has ties with a bigger amount of tyrannic and horrible Heads of State and Governments which can be exemplified with all the regimes from the Middle East which have contributed millions to the Clinton Foundation when she was Secretary of State so they could get weapon deals from the U.S. just so they could keep oppressing their people and other countries like Yemen.

This is not the first time Representative Gabbard has stood up against the U.S.’s actions in the Middle East. One time, Tulsi decided to introduce a bill in the Chamber of Representatives called the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” which, like its name suggests, seeks to stop arming terrorist groups in the Middle East like ISIS or Al-Qaida. Her views can be perfectly understood in this interview she made at NPR:

SIMON, HOST: What would your Stop Arming Terrorists bill accomplish?
GABBARD: Very simply, it addresses an urgent action that is necessary. Right now, under current U.S. law, it wouldn’t surprise people to know that it is illegal for any American to provide any support, whether it’s money, weapons or other assistance, to al-Qaida or ISIS or other terrorist groups.
Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years by quietly supporting allies, partners, individuals and groups who are working directly with al-Qaida, ISIS, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and other terrorist groups by providing them with money, weapons and intelligence support in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.

Right now, the Democratic Establishment has decided to back Trump’s war on Syria even though not that long ago they claimed that he was too reactonary and had no experience whatsoever.

Corporate Media has given praise to Donald Trump’s decision to start a war with the Syrian Goverment, and if someone has a dissenting opinion they automatically attack that voice:

The media has also cited repetidetly the claims done by Turkey, the UK and the U.S. Government about Russia taking part in the chemical attack supposedly done by the Government of Syria, which have no basis or facts backing them aside from “anonymous” or weak reliable sources and we should also note the fact that those three countries support the rebel forces in Syria and want a regime change in that country.

Gabbard makes sense when she claims that the chemical attack couldn’t have been done by the Syrian Government, specially if we add into the equation the fact that Syria gave up all their chemical weapons in 2014 and that ISIS has used chemical weapons in the past, which means that they may have been involved in the attack and not the Syrian Goverment and Russia.

We should also note that ISIS has been losing ground in Syria, so why would the Syrian Goverment perpretade and attack to their civilians if they are already winning the battle?

It has already been proven that the war in Syria has been done because of oil and hegemonic power in the region, not because of humanitarian reasons.

If it were because of humanitarian reasons, then the U.S. wouldn’t be bombing Syria since most of the casualties during their bomb fest have been civilians or they wouldn’t be supporting the war in Yemen that Saudi Arabia has been waging which has left people dead and millions in hunger, including children.

We need to support Gabbard and the few politicians that oppose this terrible war, specially since both The Democrats and The Republicans have shown support for the war in Syria.

Socialists, Greens, Anarchists, Progressives and even Libertarians and Right-wing nationalists need to allie in order to stop the U.S. Government from further desistabilizing the Middle East and creating tensions with Russia which could lead us into World War Three.

That’s why #ImWithTulsi , because she’s one of the few politicians who have been opposing regime changes in the Midde East since Iraq, and we need to unite by her side to fight the political Establishment on this issue.