It’s Dangerous To Normalize The Alt-Right

I’ve seen on Twitter since last week how some people have been trying to equalize the Alt-right with regular Trump supporters or with Republicans overall. This really bothers me since I know plenty of Republicans and many of them are sane people who have just fallen into some Fox News propaganda, or who just decided to back Donald Trump in the general election because they felt that Hillary Clinton was too hawkish, too corrupt or they were simply tired of The Establishment and they felt that a different “option” was necessary regardless of the party affiliation of the candidate.

I do agree a big portion of Trump supporters are racists, and yes I agree that about half of them are “deplorable” like Hillary Clinton would say, since they technically like Trump because of the “wall” he wants to do between the United States and Mexico, the travel ban of Muslims, and that he would favor Christianity during his administration. Yes, I admit those people are horrible, but I would say many of them aren’t even remotely as bad as the Alt-right in many aspects, especially since the Alt-right is full of Nazi apologists and Neo-Confederates, some things that probably even some Trump supporters who are racists wouldn’t dare to support.

White Supremacist and one of the leaders of the Alt-right, Richard Spencer, giving a closing speech at the National Policy Institue conference, using Nazi terms like “ Lügenpresse” and doing the Nazi salute.

Remember: not all Trump supporters are racists. Many of them are regular people like you and me who have just fallen for the Mainstream Media talking points of demonizing minorities and making them believe that Islamic Terrorism is an actual threat to the United States, or that Illegal Immigration is literally stealing jobs from U.S. workers and bringing crime.

The ones to blame are the poor work of the Mainstream Media of combating this sort of misinformation done by the right.

When there are economic hardships, it is way easier to inflame fear to the general population, especially to Whites since they are the majority in the United States, but it is dangerous to assume all Trump supporters are from the Alt-right or are Alt-right apologists, and it is also dangerous to call the “Alt-right” that way. We should call them by their real names: Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, White Nationalists and fucking imbeciles (okay the last one might be a little harsh but you know it’s true).

The Neo-Nazis (Yes, I’ll call the Alt-right that way the rest of the article) are literally a hate group. They claim that Whites are superior to People of Color and that the “Judeo-Christian culture” is better than other cultures in the world. They are also staunchly opposed to Islam, and I wouldn’t be mad if they had a problem with the religion (even I have problems with Islam) but their hatred goes beyond that: they actively call for the banning of Muslims in the United States.

Richard Spencer, one of the leaders of this Neo-Nazi group, has also said that the U.S. should stop immigration into the country for 50 years, and the reason why he supports that is that he claims the U.S. is a “White” country, and that diversity equals “White Genocide”. I think he forgot that Blacks and Natives have been in America since the country was founded and that what racists call “White Genocide” is nothing compared to what Whites did during the colonization of the Americas or what they did to Blacks who were brought to the colonies as slaves.

This Nazi group is also very sexist and they also hate the LGBT community.

I’m not trying to normalize the American right-wing (which is already far-right when it comes to the Establishment Republican Party) but the Alt-right, also known as Neo-Nazis, is on a way different level. They are calling for things that at least more than half of Trump supporters (the most radicals of the Republicans) aren’t even willing to support.

The reason why I think your average racist Trump supporter isn’t like these White Nationalists it’s because many racists in the Trump voter base are racist either because the Mainstream Media has brainwashed them or they were simply raised that way (and sadly that’s a reality in America), while these Nazis are complete ideologues. They have a completely structured ideology which is based upon racism. They don’t give a fuck if the U.S. crumbles because of its bad infrastructure or if people die because of lack of Medicare, they simply want immigration to stop and that People of Color will get fewer rights than the White population, while I can even bet many racist Trump supporters would rather a good economy and that their parents and grandparents will get access to healthcare, that their kids will get a good education and that they will have a good paying job, than an “only Whites” country.

If we normalize this hate group we will make it easier for them to recruit new members, and way more difficult for us to defeat them.

So if you are a Leftist and you dare to equalize this White Supremacists with your average Republican or Trump supporter, I just want to say this to you: shame on you.

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Hans Alexander Razo

Written by

Public Administration & Political Science student. Anarchist, Anti-Imperialist & Anti-Fascist.