Mexico’s Government Is Spying On Journalists And Activists

The sign reads “Wanted Carmen Aristegui: because of informing with truth. #1 Enemy of the corrupt Government”. Carmen Aristegui was among those who were spied on by the Mexican Government.

This week the New York Times released an article in which they depicted how the Mexican Government used really advanced spyware, which was meant to be used for combatting criminals and Drug Cartels, to spy on journalists, human rights activists, and people related to them.

Among those who were spied, there was Carmen Aristegui, one of the most famous and influential journalists in Mexico, who’s team has discovered numerous corruption scandals within Mexican Politics. Her teenage boy was also spied on by the Federal Government.

Another target was Carlos Loret de Mola, a journalist who in 2015 was investigating the killing of 42 people in Tanhuato, Michoacán, which according to him the deaths were the result of extrajudicial killings done by the Federal Police.

Lawyers investigating the mass kidnapping of 43 students in Ayotzinapa, who were kidnapped by the police, were also spied on.

Another target was an American who was investigating the sexual abuses and killings done by the Mexican police in the repression of protesters in Atenco when Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto was Governor of the State of Mexico.

Even a Mexican Think Thank was spied on by the Federal Government.

The Executive Branch of the Mexican Government claims they didn’t spy on anyone, but Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos said on Twitter:

“ ‘There’s no proof of espionage done to Mexican journalists’ says the Government of President Enrique Peña Nieto. Exactly. The purpose of espionage is that nobody knows about it.”

Mexico is well known for its repression of journalists. According to various Human Rights Organizations, Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries to do journalism.

In Mexico, every 26 days a journalist is murdered and about 99.7% of aggressions done against journalists are unpunished, and just in March of 2017, four journalists were killed. According to studies, 52% of agressions done against journalists are done by public officials.

Candles and flowers are put besides pictures of journalists who were murdered this year in Mexico

Journalists and activists are the voice of the people. They are the ones who question authority and try to show everyone how corrupt the Government can be.

Without journalists and activists, democracy cannot be done. They are a fundamental piece of democracy, and what the Mexican Government tries to achieve by silencing and spying on journalists and activists is trying to destroy the little democracy that Mexico has.

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