I absolutely understand you point of view.
Hans Birger Aase

I also would like there to be a sextopia where it was all butterflies and rainbows. Where men and women would meet each other, get to know one another on a deeper level have some wine, have artsy sex and say thank you and bye. The problem is that it’s a dream. A utopic vision that might be the reality of a little % of the population. What I’m saying is that opening the gates for sex without stigma will also bring more of the negative. If people were in general logical, adaptive, responsible and non patalogical then I would be with you and we also wouldn’t need cultural norms like we do today. We wouldn’t need as many laws and we could all have peace. The reality though is that as sex can be awesome, it can also be what ruins you. Protecting a standard around sex and the amount of use is what many cultures have done and with good reason. Why would we make it a taboo if it was all good? I will never recommend someone having sex within the first few days you meet someone. Go ahead if you want to, but it’s not gonna help you. I would rather help you finding a goal in life so that finding a partner becomes easier. The reason for that is that the risk is low and the reward is high. With promiscuity, the risk is high and the reward only lasts the amount of time you are having sex and maybe a bit more, but then you are back at zero again.

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