Conservative Christian Racists
Abel Cohen

It’s funny how you can talk about being anti hatered or complain about other people’s hate when your hate and resentment looks like this. This is hate speech and I think it is awesome to read. Free speech gives you the opportunity to say all of this directed towards who you see as the devil or your oppressor. It’s nice to see how you really feel. The problem with this is that it shows your pathological resentment towards those you think are the evil in the world.

There is absolutely no gratetude here and I’m sure it’s not supposed to but remember that these white people are who built most of what you take for granted every day. Some might say that black slaves built it but still the construction workers of the past were also white working class, straight chritians.

What you have written is like a 15 year old girl on here period, screaming to her dad how much he oppressed her and hates her teen feelings. Not thanking him at all for keeping her fed and under a roof. I glad I read this because it shows just how childish people like you are.

People without gratetude for what they have will never be grateful for what they get, so don’t bother with the ungrateful because it’s they who hold us back.

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