Three cold email quick wins to book more sales in 2020

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Over the past few weeks I have been posting more cold email tips. If you’re looking to gain traction with cold outreach then these tips should help you do so.

As always I’m very interested in hearing what works for you or what doesn’t, so please make sure to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Here are some of my recent cold emailing tips that I believe will help you in sending better campaigns and booking more sales and leads:

Learn how some of the best companies are doing sales..

Writing a killer cold email can be hard.

Did you ever find yourself wondering how the biggest companies out there are making it work for them?

Because they are..

Well, now you no longer have to wonder. You can just go ahead and have a look.

The guys at Good Sales Emails have put together some of the best cold emails sent by some of the biggest and most successful companies for you to have a look at.

Let this serve as an inspiration for your next campaign or find that killer closing sentence you’ve been struggling with to write.


Know your numbers..

Do you know the exact number of characters for the inbox preview space for each email client?

Earlier we talked about the importance of putting extra thought into your opening line.

Not just because you need to capture people’s attention when they open your email, but to even get your email opened in the first place.

Try this excersise: which emails you've received today made you curious enough to click? And which ones made you click that trashcan?

Here are the numbers for the most common ones out there:

Apple Mail: 140 characters

Gmail: 110 characters

AOL: 75 characters

Outlook: 55 characters

Have you checked your previews lately? Ask yourself: do they evoke curiosity? Or do they give you away as a sales person?

Warm up your cold outreach..

Are you dealing with low open rates for your cold emails?

Chances are, you’ve started off wrong on the wrong foot.

See, before you start sending cold emails at scale you need to make sure your email is warmed up. Otherwise you’ll end up on a blacklist very quickly, which is a deep hole to climb out of.

So before you start sending new campaigns from a fresh IP make sure you’ve set up the technical details how they should be set up and get some activity going — subscribe to newsletters and interact with colleagues.

Then you’re ready to slowly start sending out emails.

Start at a pace of 20 emails per day and slowly ramp it up over the space of a few months.

Which tip did you find most useful?

Founder of Leadaro, the leading cold email agency. I write about outbound and prospecting. I’m cold email’s #1 fan.

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