During World War II, we did have something to hide

The Godwin lecture: Which lessons about privacy can we learn in the present day from the attack on Amsterdam’s municipal register in 1943?

The retention of our data

The municipal register today (after its renovation), Picasdre, CC-licensed

I have nothing to hide

Wilders isn’t Hitler

The significance of remembrance and liberation

The Bijlmer’s failed ideal of malleability

Apartment blocks in the Bijlmer, Arden, CC-licensed

The identification act

A Lichtbildausweis. Order them here.

Societies of risk and control

CCTV Mobile, Banksy

Smart cities and Big Data

‘Your subscription will be terminated’

Car2Go, Elvert Barnes, CC-licensed

Freedom when we’re healthy

Snowden and resistance

Fighting for digital rights at @bitsoffreedom

Fighting for digital rights at @bitsoffreedom