My Stance on CBD Usage in the NBA and NFL

Hansel H
Hansel H
Nov 22, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

CBD usage has been highly debated and has been more and more popular in the past decade. My fascination with how CBD products help with pain relief and my love of sports led to me wondering why CBD usage was not allowed in the NBA and NFL. I decided to research whether or not CBD products, primarily CBD oil, should be legalized in the NBA and NFL. CBD oil usage has resulted in a lot of pros and cons. Athletes taking CBD oil can benefit physically and mentally, and there are societal implications that occur from legalizing CBD in the NBA and the NFL. However, there could be some potential side effects of CBD usage because of insufficient FDA regulation of CBD products. After an extensive search for concrete evidence, I have finally chosen a side of the argument. CBD products, such as CBD oil, should be legalized in the NFL because it results in the improvement of the overall performance of athletes and changes in societal norms.

There are numerous health and societal benefits of CBD is legalized. CBD oil can help with pain management, anxiety, and other problems. It could also help educate the public on the truth about CBD and can help reduce the negative stereotypes put on users.

Another argument for the legalization of CBD is its role when it comes to brain injuries. The NFL is a very violent and sometimes dangerous sport. Players are repeatedly getting hit in the head, which leads to concussions and other brain injuries. A dangerous problem for players is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a brain disease that is caused by many blows and hits to the head region. CBD can be a solution to help with or prevent CTE. There was a recent medical study done by Michelle Reillo and Ian Levine that focused on CBD and its relationship with brain trauma. Their finding “supports the efficiency of administering Cannabidiol (CBD) preventatively and therapeutically in head injury.” CBD has properties that can help with brain injuries that can negatively alter or change a person.

A glaring argument for those against CBD usage is the improper regulation of products by the FDA. In the New York Times article, “CBD Is Everywhere, But Scientists Don’t Know Much About It,” the author, Roni Caryn Rabin, has emphasized that though CBD products can be a good alternative, there’s not enough research and regulation on a lot of products. Only one drug has been approved by the FDA to include any form of CBD. There are also very inaccurate labels about factors such as CBD concentration amount and whether or not it contains THC in the CBD oil. More time and research is needed to create a system for safe and reliable products. For athletes and sports leagues, this should not be a big problem. They have the money to get the most authentic and effective products available in the market for CBD oil. The NBA and NFL are also currently researching the effects of CBD and any other possible factors that can be involved when using to find out more.

CBD usage has been a controversy in the NBA and NFL. Many factors are for the legalization of CBD. It can physically and mentally help players in most forms or symptoms of pain. The media power that these sports leagues control can be used to change the world for the better. Though there is still limited research about long-term usage and insufficient FDA regulation, these factors can easily be solved very soon. I have always been pretty pro-CBD since its recent rise in popularity. My opinion on CBD products, mostly CBD oil, has not changed since researching more on the topic. CBD will do more good than bad, so what’s the point of not allowing athletes in the NBA and NFL to use CBD oil?

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