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I disagree completely about getting rid of Dana. Sure, he’s a bit of an asshole. But he’s OUR asshole and, in reality, a very honorable and respectable “commissioner.” Nobody is as passionate or cares more about the well being of the UFC than Dana and anybody that comes in after him, would be a personality-less suit if they did what you two suggest. Think about the commissioners of the other sports, Goodell, Silver, Manfred. How many of them are as passionate as Dana? Not one of them. Dana may be a pompous douchebag, but anyone who follows the UFC religiously knows that the UFC owes almost everything to his promotional ability and genuine care for the athletes. Just look at how he broke the news of Jon Jones being suspended to Cormier. There are countless examples showing that he is the best boss the UFC could have. The UFC is a modern day gladiatorial arena and a “stern businessman” is the LAST thing that would propel the UFC to “the next level” (whatever that’s supposed to mean anyway).

Great article otherwise. I agree on the other points. Just not this one AT ALL.