Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

Fine, I will tell you why I think Hillary is a wrong woman to be the first woman president of the American democracy. First of all, her election will be harmful not only to the history of this country, but also to the movement of woman power. As a matter of fact, I voted for her husband twice, and for her once. But I feel remorse of having done it nowadays, assuming that my three votes might have in a negligible way contributed to build a elevated podium on which Bill and Hillary have folded, unfolded, or twisted their soft tongues to rake in billion dollars under the pretense of charity and patriotism.

  • I know there are thousands foundations in this country, such as Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Ford, Tiger Wood, Mikel Jordan, and so forth. I don’t doubt they have every right to build their own Foundation for their specific purposes, and I believe that every builder of foundation must have good intention to render services and benefits through the foundation to their society which makes it possible for them to achieve fortune and fame. Therefore, I believe that the law in regard with foundation must be strict to keep it from being abused as tax shelters or as sneaky means to bequeath wealth to offspring. Accordingly, there must be lot of people who respect many good names such as Gates, Rockefeller, or Ford, as industrialists who made good contributions to their society. On the other hand, there are successful athletes and entertainers such as Mikel Jordan, Tiger Wood, Bob Hope, and Helen Hayes who are respected as role models. No doubt, they have every right to build the foundations and deserve due respect from people, and every body recognizes that they must have sweated lot to make such fortune.

However, what have this couple Bill and Hillary been doing, ever since they moved out of the White House, being “flat broke” ? Every body knows well this couple has never engaged in business, never worked in Hollywood as entertainers, or never been members of NBA or PGA. I guess that every penny this couple earned and spent, since they graduated from law school, mostly came from tax payer’s pockets scattered in the state of Arkansas and the entire nation.

Well, I cannot think of anything else except that this couple has been sniffing around the smell of money in the name of campaign, talking around, and shaking hands with the crowd who are eager to touch the hands of the American celebrities. Of course, the activities of smelling, talking, or shaking hands cannot be done easily like sleeping or taking nap. I can imagine there were once in a while sweats on their foreheads and palms while talking and shaking hands with millions people’s. But I think those sweats were well rewarded by being elected.

Recently, I happened to hear an unbelievable story that it might be okay with them, as it is legally permissible, once they were inundated with the flood of money, to imitate Rockefeller or Jordan. But, I think the quality of the money this couple are throwing into the bottom of their Foundation is different, as there is no a smack of sweat like Gates or Wood’s. Therefore, it seems they don’t have to hesitate even a moment to spend 8.5 million dollars to travel oversea to meet foreigners who were waiting to meet them holding bags of money. At the same time, Hillary did not mind to throw away $100.00 or $200.00 per month to lease a mansion at South Hampton at which she wrote her campaign platform, so called, Hard Choice. I hope the book shall remain as a classic in the study of American politics. Anyway, she seems to have proven a fact that “easy money, easy go” by spending lavishly on her wardrobe and jewelry. I guess it might have been really a Hard Choice for her to decide whether she should leave the air conditioned mansion at Chappaqua to a bunch of mice, rabbits, deers, or wild turkeys for political rallies while she was absent there, and lease a big mansion at South Hampton from her rich friend for big money and hobnob with privileged class every evening to take a rest from Hard Work to write a book titled Hard Choice to show how well she

Anyway, I wish I knew what her organizing principle of diplomacy is because she blasted Obama’s foreign policy for “lacking a organizing principle” not long ago. I hope she will not repeat Libya fiasco when she applies her great principle of diplomacy whatsoever, if she is elected. I am glad anyway that both Obama and Hillary forgot such a nonsense and Obama is just in friendly manner blinking his big eyes while Hillary is tightly holding on a tip of Obama’ coat tail,and accordingly lot of Obama’s friends are following her constantly changing jacket’s tail to the voting booths.

I d’ better cut this short as my wife is going to wake up and grab on my neck to throw me to bed, saying that you will doge again on pew tomorrow at church. Well, I will tell my dear wife that “ don’t worry…..don’t feel bad or ashamed even if I will be snoring on pew tomorrow morning….be sure…I still remember well one sentence in the Bible which I heard at Sunday school seventy years ago…which goes like these,” Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed, a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” or high positions. I hope Bill and Hillary will pay heed to above words. I bet Clinton Foundation will grow to ten, twenty, or lot more billions if Hillary makes it this time and this couple will be the richest former presidents of the richest country ever existed in the history book of mankind….probably….hundreds times richer than Dick Cheney who had sweated lot working hard for the great company Holiburton as a chairman. How could I be so sure about the gigantic growth of the Clinton Foundation which will dwarf all other foundations in the entire world, when Hillary becomes the first landlady of the White House?

I think I can safely predict it on the basis of the historical evidence, of course, not on the basis of “legal evidence” at which Hillary is so good. I know well that the word “evidence” is one of the most favorite words for Hillary, as she uses it more frequently than any other words whenever she is cornered by journalists or voters. “No evidence” is the most effective weapon she wields to get out of any embarrassing corners. It’ s understandable that she is an exceptionally talented lawyer-politician well trained at Yale and homeschooled by a governor and president of USA who happens to be her husband.

Anyway, when the election is over in November, the two tips of triangulation which was also an important strategy for Clinton will lose luster. Only the Time Squire where the Clinton Foundation is located will shine more brilliantly like lantern house, while the campaign headquarter in Blooklyn and presidential office in Harlem turn off their lights. Even though the distance between the White House in D.C. and the Time Squire in Manhattan is a few hundreds mile apart, spiritually these two points will be so close as the centers of the world politics and finance like a bar of seesaw game. Thus Bill in Manhattan and Hillary at the White House do not have to e-mail to each other. Just each of them sits on the tip of each side and has only to push down casually to generate a small fun. Then big bag of money will fly down silently from every corner of the world to the account of the Clinton Foundation, probably, riding invisible drones. Naturally, the account of the Clinton Foundation will balloon to the unimaginable size. At that time, all American and good citizens of the world will shook their heads in disbelief, finding out that a small bar of seesaw game made in USA is more efficiently generating wealth than all the thousand pumping gears combined on oil wells scattered in the State of Texas, and eventually will exclaim, “USA is really a sole super and super power…may God bless the White House… America…forever…..amen!”

Moreover, the heavenly matched couple of Bill and Hillary seems to be having fun, riding a merry-go-around of American campaign system. They seem once in a while sound a little bit tired of tediously long campaigning, but it seems they could hardly restrain giggling like innocent kids on kindergarten yard, perhaps, with the prospect of moving back to the White House soon. Above all, they seem to know well that a kind of back scratch makes them feel good not only in their bedroom but also in presidential campaigning, as I heard many times from Bill through TV screen that “Hillary is the most qualified candidate among all the candidates on the both sides….”. I think it was very fortunate that he did not go so far as to say that….” Because she has been trained by the most capable politician in the modern history of America….”

On the other hand, when Hillary’s turn comes, her scratch on her husband’s back is far more concrete and serious, as she bragged that USA was on peak in the world politics and domestic economy as well under the wise leadership of her husband. There was no any other power which have dare to challenge the sole super power USA, and internally the unemployment rate was lower than any other time, and the balanced budget was achieved for three years in row, while her husband was at the helm of this greatest nation. Whenever her back scratching sounds loud in screaming or eloquence, usually a wild thunder of applause is to follow from her fans.

However, I don’t think I can go along with such a view. Well, the attractive numbers on the surface seems undeniable, but it is totally a different picture if we try to look underneath the surface of history.

Anyway, one more big head ache will come soon afterward to the American politics when only daughter of the couple presidents of USA will make one more time a Hard Choice to run for a seat in the U S House of Representative or Senate in the Empiress State New York. Now I guess you would fully understand why the American people should do every thing to block Hillary to reoccupy the White House.

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