Five Essential Shoes Every Woman Must Own

Shoes are a fashion staple that women just can’t get enough of. A woman’s wardrobe is always cluttered with shoes of every colour and style. No matter how many pairs of shoes a woman owns, they end up wearing only a few of them. If you are facing a similar situation, you need to tone down your shoe collection only to the essentials. Owning too many shoes will only confuse you more in the morning. Having a few essentials shoes for women will not only save you space but will also make your wardrobe planning much easier. Sticking to the essentials is a foolproof way to look fabulous each day. Every woman must have these five essential shoes to help you with your day to day fashion decisions.


Flats not only look fashionable but are also super comfortable to wear. If you want to let your feet rest and look chic at the same time, flats are your best friends. Flats come in endless styles and patterns which make it an extremely versatile option. When you are headed out for a fun and casual day, flats are the perfect shoes. Team it up with skirts or colourful dresses and look like a true fashionista.


Sneakers are the kind of shoes that will never let you down. Whether you are waking your dog, strolling the park with your friends or hitting the gym, a girl cannot do without a pair of sneakers. Sneakers can be paired with every type of casual clothing without thinking twice. On the days when you prefer comfort over looks, wearing a pair of sneakers is the best idea. These days, you can find sneakers is numerous colourful patterns to go with every look.

Classic pumps

If you do not own a pair of classic pumps, you are missing out a lot on life. The classic pumps are the most versatile kind of women’s shoes that can be worn to any occasion. Be it a wedding, church, work or parties, pumps make you look elegant and classy effortlessly.


Boots are the ultimate fashion statement when it comes to casual looks of women. Knee high and ankle length boots have become a fashion statement in the past few years. Boots are great when you want to dress up your favourite pair of jeans or shorts. They are available in several varieties such as tiny stacked heel, straight shaft or embellished ones which can be worn according to the occasion.


Breezy and chic sandals are a must for every woman’s wardrobe. Sandals are great when you want to comfortable as well as fashionable. A colourful strappy sandal can breathe life into any dull outfit. Sandals are great for the summer months as they allow your feet to breathe and keeps them comfortable.

If you want to stock up on the best designs of these shoe essentials, shopping online is the best idea. Online shopping sites such as Koovs offer an amazing variety of women shoes at the best prices.

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