Men making their way into New Fields

In the 21st century, the norms of gender equality have undergone a radical turn. With women empowerment on a consistent rise, it has been observed that there is a sudden shift in the attitude towards women in social and official settings. While women are happy because of a more relaxed environment, men on the other hand can be seen coming up with issues of gender inequality, which were seldom heard of before. This shift of culture has led to an overall change in the way brands are marketing their products for the consumer.

As there has been a consistent incline in the number of metrosexual men ever since the turn of the 21st century, there are a number of products that are being targeted towards men. This has allowed cosmetic manufacturers as well as fashion accessory makers to come up with innovative products for men which were earlier concerned with women exclusively.

Let us take a look at some of these new age trends that are becoming increasingly popular amongst men. These trends are identified after going through several sources, and will give you a brief idea about what is going around:

· Online Shopping Websites for Men: It was estimated first that women will be the major contributors towards online shopping in India. But ever since the internet revolution has taken place, a higher number of men have been seen taking interest in online shopping. From buying clothing apparels to buying shoes online, and from fashion accessories to deodorants and perfumes, everything shows high sales for men. Shoes for men especially are being sold at a tremendous rate. The wide number of options in casual shoes for men along with discounts that were never heard of before, there is a lot to keep men hooked to the online shopping phenomenon.

· Unisex Salons for men: A large number of beauty salons that were earlier targeting only women have decided to take the plunge and go unisex in order to improve business. As a large number of men are undergoing beauty treatments and have also realized the importance of regular grooming services in order to inculcate better hygiene in their lifestyle, beauty salons have opened their gates to them. A number of new services have also been introduced in order to treat conditions that mostly occur in men. This has definitely made the world a better looking place to live in!

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