Web-based Note app

Cho Hansol

I just created a simple web-based note app with GitHub pages. Simply creative. Just a blackboard to write anything I want. Nothing serious coding or complicated but this could be my first step for open source/ practicing Git.

This practicing reminds me for simple html5 and CSS formats and also new libraries; filer.js and hotkey.js.

Filer is a drop-in replacement for node’s fs module, a POSIX-like file system for browsers. Makes way easier to read and write with virtual files.

HotKey is an input capture library and helps to create customized shortcuts or hotkeys. I’ve got some error in my app so I deleted hotkey options but will definitely practice more with this smart tool.

Also, I’ve learned how to work with Git in local devices(such as push and pull/ add/ commit…)

GitHub repo URL: https://github.com/Hansol-Cho/my-note-app

GitHub page URL: https://hansol-cho.github.io/my-note-app/

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