Working on GitHub with OSD community

In the meantime, me and my coworkers are learning and working on GitHub with our lab2.

We are challenged to find and fix errors other coworker’s code and then suggest extra/useful features to add.

  1. This code didn’t work “save” button and function, and I found that wasn’t that big bug and quick fixed it.

2. This code works well but It saves automatically so I was thinking would be great if there’s a clear function and I added it.

3. Also, my code got fixed by my awesome coworkers too, this fixing was interesting.

He uses callback function to check “save” function’s performing if save button doesn’t work, it shows error and check again.

Through this assignment, I’ve learned more how to use GitHub such as report issues, pull requests, dealing with fixing issues, and GitHub’s branch system. It was such a great experience everyone’s care about my code and help to fix my error. I was personally happy to help other people with my knowledge too.

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