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We only have three days until CES. We’ve been planning this moments for few months now. And I wanted to briefly write notes for myself, so that I can use this information in the future. So please excuse there’s no formal structure in this posting.

Couple Highlights:
1. Kickstarter Campaign (Link): As we are expecting to see thousands of people between 4 days of the show, we’ve decided to do Kickstarter campaign during CES so that we can show our products in person
2. Our new product CoDrone was selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists for CES Last Gadget Standing. (Link)
3. Got contacted by Amazon for distribution meeting (Vendor Central)
4. Got an attention from a major media which will be released during CES

How long does it take to prepare for CES?
6 months prior to the event:
we started simple planning and registration.

5 months prior:
we booked the hotel (Very Expensive!) — Traffic during CES is horrible, so it’s really great to either get the venue very close to the venue or somewhere very close to monorail.

4 months prior:
Started asking people around who’ve participated CES before and got advice.

3 months prior:
we selected vendors for our exhibition interior and started planning the booth itself.

2 months prior:
We’ve started contacting media/reporters
Started posting on social network regarding our participation of CES
Changed from hotel to Airbnb to save up costs (It still was a resort, but through Airbnb)

1 month prior:
Finished all of the video and storyboard for Kickstarter
Prepared all the marketing materials for the booth (Flyers, Banner, Product descriptions, etc)
Created our CES landing page and video how to find us at CES

Depends on the company, there’s various awards that companies can apply for, and for our company, there were three that we could apply:
1. Last Gadget Standing (Accepted)
2. TechCrunch Hardware BattleField (Rejected)
3. CES Innovation Awards (Judging ended on mid Sep prior to our product )

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How much is it to participate CES as an exhibitor?

It really depends on how much you would like to spend, but I will share what we’ve spent:

Booth fee:
Booth fee includes just the floor itself. In our case, we had 20x20 booth at Sands Hall (Where Robotics Exhibition is) The minimum booth size is 10x10 which was $4200. So we had four of those size.

Interior fee:
A lot of people that I spoke with build their own booth. But we decided to go with professional route. General rule of thumb is it costs about your booth fee. So if you are paying $4200 for your booth, it would cost similar for booth exhibition decoration with professional services.

Lodging can be very expensive. It also depends on where you want to stay, but hotels on the strips can cost somewhere around $300+ per room. What we ended up doing was booking a two large suites for 9 people. We paid about $1900 for 5 nights. It was about 5 minutes away from our exhibition hall.

Additional Charges:
Everything is overpriced at CES, so there are a lot of things that takes up money.
- Electricity (Costed about $950)
- Lead Retrieval (Ordered two for $750)

Also, as we needed wifi, we ordered Mifi through Verizon, but we heard it may not work well at CES. I will check and repost about how it is.

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CEO at Robolink (@robolinkinc)

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