I think you may have not thought through this post.
Catherine Jansen

Hello Ms. Jansen.

I am not saying that all cops are good people. I am saying that you can not blanket accuse them all of being bad due to the failed actions of the minority of them. Take a look at the social service worker who was trying to help his mentally disabled patient. Who was on the ground with his hands up and loudly, yet calmly explaining the situation.

There was absolutely no need for him to get shot.

You are trying though to speak out against racism yet furthering it by the words you chose to use here. Take a look at the video for example. You see two white cops, with two black individuals in the vehicle. Why did they stop them?

To give them ice cream on a hot day.

Celebrate the good stuff in life, or we’re bound to just wallow in misery. The only way we can stop racism is for you to stop calling me white, and for me to stop calling you which ever color your skin happens to be.

We are all just humans. All of our lives matter.

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