I started to follow you when you had a really nice comment on a women’s issues piece. Which is another thing I am passionate about. I wish you would apply the same empathy you showed there to race issues.
You missed the point.
Catherine Jansen

I do though. I am not saying that blacks have it easy in our country. Not at all. I am saying essentially that I wish it wasn’t the case. That is why in the previous post I talked about that tragedy of the social worker being shot. For absolutely no reason. That kind of thing has got to stop. The only reason someone should be shot by the police is if there is a legitimate reason for the use of lethal force.

Not all decisions can be made easily in the split seconds they have to decide though.

I appreciate your feedback. I am just trying to show some good with it too.

I have studied far far too much history to know all of the pains and trouble all sides face with different issues.

Hopefully one day we will arrive at a place where the color of our skin does not matter. I will take a look at those articles you linked.

Thank you very much =)

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