Games are the Most Important Design Tool that No One is Using.
Collin Cummings

I have had some of the most entertaining experiences through the amazing interactivity of video games. Particularly the ones with the stories that destroy Hollywood’s recent stigma of having to rehash all of the old movies again. Classics like Ghostbusters should not have been remade.

The Last of Us for example was one of the best pieces of story telling I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying it. You play as Joel for the most part, who has had a great tragedy in his life. He’s rather messed up until he meets Ellie who is a 14 year old girl that helps balance him out. Giving him something to care about again.

There are many more I wish to list. I am just too tired right now. I will come back tomorrow and edit this.

For now though,

I love you beautiful creatures.