Surprising Results

I know that most people who have been here have recommended not to pay attention to these graphs and numbers. Yet after only a week with my book and short stories getting over 1,000 reads, it makes me very proud of my work. Thank you for reading it, sharing it, and just enjoying it.

I hope that you all continue to enjoy my book

Your feedback so far has been great, and the constructive nature of it has been very helpful! Page 3 comes out this Friday, and Page 4 is set for Sunday. I will keep that pattern for a while. I like how a few of you have tried to glean clues from me about who this woman is. That makes it fun for me, as it means that I am doing my job right to keep you inquisitive.

Thank you again all my readers, and please consider hitting that follow button so that you get notified when a new story or page of the book gets posted.

With deep and humble love,