Cramer’s vote will cut Medicaid by $1 trillion, impede the fight against opioid epidemic

Cuts will harm those seeking addiction services, rural hospitals, seniors and children

Contained within Kevin Cramer’s vote to increase the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion is a $1 trillion cut to Medicaid over the next decade.

Cramer recently highlighted a hearing he attended that addressed the opioid crisis, but he failed to mention how his vote will decimate Medicaid, which is critical in fighting this epidemic. The president will announce today that he is declaring the opioid crisis a ‘public health emergency,’ rather than a ‘national emergency,’ which he previously stated he would declare.

“Cramer talks a big game when it comes tackling the opioid crisis and protecting rural hospitals, so one has to wonder why he just voted to cut $1 trillion from Medicaid over the next decade,said congressional candidate Ben Hanson. “Surely he has to know that those seeking addiction services and rural hospitals alike depend on Medicaid to survive.

We’ve yet to hear him connect the dots between cutting Medicaid by $1 trillion and the need to tackle head-on the opioid crisis. I agree with him when he says, ‘on opioids, one death is too many.’ But if we’re going to help folks, cutting $1 trillion dollars from one of the most critical programs in that fight is the wrong answer. Combating the opioid epidemic requires smart investments, not massive cuts. Helping those who need it most is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the most fiscally responsible decision — and Cramer has failed on both accounts.

Nearly 90,000 North Dakotans rely on Medicaid. Cramer’s vote is a betrayal to those struggling with opioid addiction, seniors, children, and low-income families. He needs to do better.