Kevin Cramer votes to decimate Medicare

His vote will lead to cuts in the critical program by $473 billion over next decade

In addition to voting earlier this month to increase the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion, Kevin Cramer’s vote also turns the Medicare program into vouchers for future retirees while cutting $473 billion from it. These vital cuts will be used to cut taxes for the wealthiest and biggest corporations.

“Medicare is a promise to retirees, one that seniors paid into over a lifetime of honest work,” said congressional candidate Ben Hanson. “Our lone congressman has an obligation to protect this critical lifeline that so many North Dakotan seniors rely on in retirement after working decades to pay into the system. Instead of blowing up the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion, we should work to reduce the deficit but never balance the budget on the backs North Dakotans who paid into Medicare and Social Security their whole lives.”

“Tax reform is an opportunity to level the playing field and make sure hard-working middle class North Dakotans aren’t burdened with more than their share of the tax load. What Cramer’s vote did was to decimate programs on which hardworking North Dakotans depend.”