How Not To Be Audited By The IRS

To not be audited by the IRS you need to be sure that your taxes are done correctly. You need to be sure to back up everything in your taxes with the proper receipts or documentation. You need to back up your tax files like they will be examined in a court of law. If you not capable of doing this, then you should look into having a tax attorney or CPA handle your taxes.

If you back up your taxes like you would have to defend them in a court of law, then your chances of being audited are next to zero percent. However, this still does not 100% mean that you will not be audited. However, the chances of them being audited are as close to zero percent as they can be.

The next best thing to making sure that you have zero errors in your taxes is backing up your taxes. It is recommended that you keep your tax return statements for up to ten years. However, many tax lawyers will tell you that if you cannot keep them for ten years then defiantly keep them for three years. The IRS holds onto your tax returns for the last three years.

It has to be relatively unusual circumstances for the IRS to flag your tax return. They generally will only do it when they find something that is very suspicious. If you hire a lawyer or a CPA to do your taxes the chances of the IRS finding anything to flag is next to zero.

If you are audited after a tax lawyer or CPA has done your taxes, then you need to take the audit information right to the tax attorney so that they can get it straitened out for you. Paying someone to do your taxes should take all of the risks away from your taxes being audited.

When you are hiring a tax attorney, you want to make sure that they have a good reputation. This can be done through checking their Google reviews. If you have any doubt about their reputation, there is nothing wrong with going to visit them in person.

Hiring a tax attorney should be relatively easy to do. You should consider hiring an attorney if you are operating or a large company that makes your taxes much more complicated than what average persons take returns would look like.

When hiring a tax attorney, I would start by looking at the attorneys that are listed in Google. You will be able to tell a lot about them by their ratings. Just type in your home town and tax law attorney, and you should be well on your way to finding an Tax attorney that should work for you.

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