Why You Would Need to Hire A Tulsa Tax Law Attorney

There are many reasons why you would want to hire a Tulsa Tax Law Attorney. The first reason would be to help you manage your assets more if you have a lot of assets and need more help in tax planning than say a typical CPA could give you. This would apply if you are a business owner that not only has a lot of assets but maybe a lot of employees as well. This is an ideal reason why you would want to seek the advice of a tax attorney out.

The next few reasons why you would want to hire a tax attorney are not so ideal and we truly hope you do not find yourself in any of these situations. If you are being audited by the IRS, then the chances are great that you will need to seek the advice of a Tulsa Tax attorney. Why you would need to seek the advice of a tax attorney if you are being audited is because not only would you want your attorney to go through all of the information in your taxes and more less perform a self-audit, but you would want your tax attorney to be in communication with the IRS on your behalf and more less represent you in front of the IRS if you are ever being audited by the IRS.

If you have ever not turned in a tax return in on time or not turned in a tax return for several years then you need to contact a Tulsa Tax Law attorney. Contacting a tax attorney, for this reason, could prevent you from facing legal trouble and could save you from paying some of the extreme tax penalties if you have not filed taxes in several years. Many times the penalties can far exceed what you owe for taxes, that is why having a tax attorney to represent you could help get you out of paying some of the high penalties if you legally qualify to not have to pay some of the penalties. In order to qualify not to pay penalties, you need to meet certain requirements which I am not prepared to address in this posts. The bottom line is if you have not paid taxes for several years then you most defiantly need to seek out of the advice of a tax attorney.

Many times if you are dealing with the IRS for any reason where you could be legally on the string then it is very good advice to seek the council of a Tulsa tax attorney. When you are talking to an agency like the IRS you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in the terms that they want you to. If you happen to not be a good communicator and you are having to speak with the IRS on a regular basis for any reason at all then you need to hire a tax attorney.

More than likely you if you are self-employed then you need to seek out the advice of either a CPA or a tax law attorney. If you are making less than six figures this might not be the case and it does depend on several factors. If you are self-employed are just working with one or two clients then maybe not if you are doing all of the paperwork yourself. However, if you have many clients and you are contracting out of the some of the work and have either contractors or employees and you are making well over six figures a year then you defiantly need to seek out the advice of a Tulsa tax attorney

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