Hello Coffee Changers!

Three years ago, our team of idealistic entrepreneurs set out with a mission: Change Coffee. Change the World.

We dreamed of an egalitarian coffee industry where every grower and every coffee drinker could connect through direct trade using online technology. Our roast-grind-brew coffee machine made it all possible. We had a working prototype. A coffee revolution seemed easily within reach.

Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems, particularly when you are launching a product that has never been produced before and bringing it to market. No blueprints. No molds. No team of experts who knew exactly what to do. Yet, every frustration has brought inspiring evolutions. Obstacles may have slowed us down, and it keeps me up at night to be delaying the delivery of machines, but it is all for good reason: to debut the best Bonaverde Berlin we possibly can.

As I write this, machines are rolling off the production line.

We’ve completed a first round of Beta tests in Europe, receiving a highly positive response from the nearly 60 testers who put our 220V machines through their paces. We are preparing to ship another round of Beta machines imminently. The remaining backer machines will head to crowdfunders’ kitchens later this summer. As we prepare for shipment, we’ve conducted rigorous stress tests to ensure that the machines we’re producing live up to our high standards. With many different variables to accommodate and that could affect the machine’s performance, we made sure no angle was left unexamined. We’ve tried to go through as many scenarios as possible to ensure that no matter where you live — from the deserts of Phoenix to the humid air of Miami — a cup of coffee from Bonaverde will be one of the freshest you’ve ever tasted.

We certainly hope this machine will exceed your expectations. After all, you, our Coffee Changers, are the reason Bonaverde exists today and the reason we’ve made it to this exciting point in the production process!

Crowdfunding made this project possible. It’s also intensely personal. Through it, we became bigger than ourselves. Our failures and successes rippled out beyond us. This company’s roller coaster ride started with a thrilling climb. One of my harshest realities has been the downward turn that followed, disappointing our backers. Over the difficulties of the last few years, I can thank the support of my family, close friends and dedicated team. Today, I am grateful to all of you for sticking with us. As much as I’m elated with the result, I am sorry for every extra moment you, our backers, waited. We have never stopped, despite it all, working every day to make good on our promises.

The machine, however, was always just the beginning. Facilitating a better world of coffee means building comprehensive coffee trade infrastructure. We are developing an ecosystem that circumvents the current supply chain, supporting growers like never before. For it to succeed, however, we need two things:

(1) Increased demand for green coffee, meaning more roast-grind-brew machines on counters around the world

(2) A sourcing and distribution system ready to support any and all interested growers

We have a plan. A careful, realistic plan that combines the ambition of idealism with the critical eye of realism and we’ve set ourselves up to scale. As we move forward into exciting new phases, we want to make sure that we continue to include all those who made this possible.

So we’re turning back to our roots.

After all, revolutions aren’t born in venture capital offices, in suits and ties, or in elevators giving pitches. They’re born out of ideas that inspire people to come together to make change. The Coffee Changer movement was built on people power. I can’t think of a better way to grow than with more of the same.

Our fourth crowdfunding campaign is about to launch. We’re hoping that you’ll still be inspired enough by this grand idea to take part in making it a reality. In return, we promise to remain stalwart in making good on our promises, to never give up, and to keep growing from our mistakes. We can never pay you back for your faith — but we can offer our continued commitment to the cause.

Thank you, again and always, for supporting this attempt to disrupt an industry. None of this would be possible without you. I hope you’ll join us to keep changing coffee. Together.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Hans Stier

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