Coinance Influencer Recruitment Event!

Jul 5 · 1 min read

If you promote ICO companies, you’ll get compensation in a month?

Coinance is rewarded as much as you are active.

By July 20, the CNC will be sent to those who have registered C-ID accounts in your Coinance Ethereum address.

We’ll give 20 CNCs to 500 people who saw Coinans’ vision and 15 CNC to 1,500 people! It’s served on a first-come-first-served basis, so hurry up.~~

- How to participate in the event-

Step 1: Download Coinanship.

Step 2: Sign up as a member.

Step 3: Buy 10 CNC first. (available in Bitcoin)

Step 4: Register your C-ID account through the recommended code below.

→ Recommendation code: 1C4E8Uzmbu3u9smrq1jtFq3utkSEA5QXWC

Step 5: Capture the C-ID account registration screen and send it by email with your Coinance Ethereum address. (Coinance Etherium address and CNC address are the same)

Step 6: Receive 14CNC and participate in ecological construction competition actively to gain greater rewards!

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