By Hans Tung and Zara Zhang
With contribution from
Erica Yu, Caiyao Mai, and Fischer Yan

This past week, we concluded our inaugural “GGV Fellows” program, where 34 global-minded young leaders completed a 1-week intensive training on tech and entrepreneurship in China.

This program, which took place in Beijing, is designed for “sea turtles” — Chinese people who left China at a young age to attend higher education abroad — to get re-acclimated to the Chinese startup ecosystem and business environment.

Our 34 Fellows were carefully selected from over 400 qualified applicants. They come from top institutions around the world…

Hans Tung

Global VC. GP@GGV. Lived in 10 cities. Travel b/w SF/China. Proud #Stanford alum & #Lakers fan. Served on BOD of Xiaomi, eHi, Fanli, Wish, Curse, RED, Misfit

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