We Got Rid of “Who’s New.” Here’s Why.

Okay, lets address this bit by bit. “ Initially, Who’s New gave new OkCupid members a helpful nudge, putting them in front of a lot of other members right at the start”, so it did exactly what they wanted.. though maybe not for the reason the developers intended. It still does this, the past tense ‘gave’ isn’t necessary.

“ By removing Who’s New, new members are now less likely to be inundated with messages;” Suddenly the previous statement is a downside, that helpful nudge was a bit too strong apparently. This isn’t unusual, given the low numbers of people on OKC in less populated areas, new users are pretty much the only reason to stay on the app*.

“ But since its release, the Who’s New functionality has become obsolete in the best case scenarios and detrimental in the worst.” They never really address this fully, they go over the downside, how new users, especially females, are overwhelmed, but don’t actually explain how or why it’s become obsolete for what it’s good for.

“sincere messages from well-intentioned members have a better chance of being seen.” I’m not sure this is entirely true, the only reason these ‘sincere’ people can find the new users in the first place is ALSO because of the new user filter. Really, OKC just needs to work on removing spam accounts, and more active moderation with ‘insincere’ users, the jerks and abusers.

*New members are, of course, vital for the continued success of this app, as I’m sure the company is aware. Yet you can’t search for anything specific, you can’t see who likes you, and anyone can message you without mutual likes. All things that make the new user experience frustrating and more difficult.

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