How to make goals interesting and achievable

I was an excellent performer in my 1st job. I had all the perks of being a top performer. After a few years, the work became monotonous. I felt I wasn’t learning or doing anything interesting. Decided it was time to change.

Fast forward to my 2nd job, I was an average performer unable to meet either mine or my teams expectations. I had difficulty in getting things done and felt left out.

On retrospect, it dawned on me that there has been a huge upward movement of the average bar. I found it extremely hard to face this new challenge becoming stressful at the thought of leaving for office every morning. Whereas in my 1st job the work was the same everyday and soon it became boring.

When the goals we take upon is very high than our skill set, we enter into a state of anxiety and procrastination. We end up not doing it feeling depressed about our inability.

If the tasks we perform is limited in comparison to our skills, we feel boredom. Everything then just becomes a routine like brushing our teeth and we don’t enjoy it anymore.

For a person to perform efficiently, the challenges should be of sufficient complexity to evoke intrinsic interest and improve the skills but not too complex to discourage. Challenges we take upon and our skills should be in sync with each other.

Goals and skills are related together as reinforcing feedback loop. Increase in the challenge of our goal increases our skill which in turn allow us to face more challenges and so on.

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