Want to know workplace culture — Learn about its leaders

Many constantly complain about the long work hours, workplace culture, organisation politics, etc. People on the other hemisphere brag about how enjoyable their job is.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO often repeats to his employees and new hires

You can work hard, smart and long. In Amazon you cannot choose 2 out of 3.

Workplace culture is not a set of policies. Rather its the company’s leaders. People look upto their leaders and follow what they practice. They mimic their leaders. And that becomes the culture.

If a CEO/founder drives the team crazy, it will percolate down to the last employee. The better survives while the weakest looks for another opportunity.

And if the same leader cares about his company and employees, then that becomes the cosy environment to work.

Rightly said Don’t pick a job. Pick a boss