Hi! So it’s been a while since the last time I actually posted something here. One of the reasons why I decided to ‘write’ again is pretty much because I literally had nothing to do during this holiday and tbh it was kind of depressing for me as I enjoy the idea of being productive. Then, Haikal suggested me to try something and here I am.

2017 was pretty much okay for me. I must say the first half of 2017 was beyond my expectation because it was the time where almost all the things I’ve always wanted — happened to me. Had my first Open BP final at JDF Open, crowned as the champion of ALSA UI (my high school dream OMO), consistently getting A for every subject in law school during my first year, and everything other than that was also pretty much amazing. Then, the second half of 2017 was sort of a downfall for me. I literally failed myself at JOVED and UADC, didn’t achieve much at so many debate competitions, got my first B and A- in the 3rd semester, etc. Those were also the reasons why I often feel really sad and maybe to the extent of being mildly depressed. But after all, I must say that I learned a lot in 2017. I’m not being cheesy but when I look back to everything that happened to me throughout the year, there are tons of valuable lessons here and there.

Okay, so moving on. The next question would be; what do I want in 2018? At first, I was skeptical about the concept of having new year resolution (proven with the fact that I never have any). I found it really quite redundant as we can always decide to create a new-impactful change in our life at any time. But after reading Haikal’s accountability report regarding his goal in 2017, I thought, maybe it’s necessary to have a specific goal I want to achieve in 365 days because maybe a new year is a good momentum for you to pursue something new since it gives you a clear and tangible finish line at the end. So, here’s my 2018 resolution;

1. I want to start doing yoga and go to the gym on regular basis.
This one is for the sake of my physical and mental health. Working out gives me endorphin and yoga will definitely teach me to be less anxious, so I thought it might fix my mental issue. Plus I used to have abs back then in July and of course, I want to retrieve it back HAHAHA :-)

2. I want to start eating clean.
This is also important for my physical health. Back in 2017, I was kind of slacking on making a healthier decision for my body, I ate so many junk foods, deep-fried foods from the street vendors with questionable hygiene, processed foods like instant noodles, and I feel really bad for my body. Therefore, I would like to make a change by avoiding the consumption of those things.

3. I want to be more environmentally friendly.
This is really important for the whole planet. This might sound really cheesy but I really want to do it. In 2017, we faced a lot of instances where it proves that climate change is real. I want to do something for this planet, I will start with no longer purchasing bottled-water, using mugs at Starbucks, bringing my own shopping bag, other little things that might help.

4. I want to be more vocal regards to gender issues.
2017 was also a year where the idea of gender issues become highlighted; #MeToo, women in Saudi Arabia finally gets to drive, Women’s March, etc. Despite all of those things, I still feel like not everyone around me isn’t able to distinguish which action is tolerable and which one is not in terms of treating women. For example, during classes, the majority of students still laugh at sexist jokes that the lecturer made. Other than that, one of the primary reasons why I want to do this is because I was sexually harassed in early December at Kuala Lumpur. First, it happened at H&M so obviously, it was public space where people never thought sexual harassment can happen there. Second, when I shared my story on my Instastory and I realized that not everyone is educated enough to respond decently to a victim’s story. I receive a lot of comments along the line “If I were you, I would’ve run away” “You supposed to call the police” and other things that somehow might directly or indirectly hurt me as a victim. So, that’s pretty much why I want to have this goal.

5. I want to write something law-related and getting it published in a journal.
This is mainly due to my concern in regards to my CV. Because I don’t have much to show from my debating career and not all employers would be interested in me solely by looking at my debating experience. So, this one is for the idea of diversification. I think this is the most challenging in comparison to the others but I hope I can finish this one too.

That’s all, I’m pretty excited to start working on those things (yay). Wishing you luck in pursuing whatever you want to achieve this year, good luck to all of us! Xoxo