Mobile Application Test Automaton with Cloudtestr

Cloudtestr is an automated platform for end-to-end continuous testing. This automated tool is powered by RingMaster and brought to you by Suneratech.

Before I get into the advantages offered by Cloudtestr, let me walk you through some of the challenges seen in mobile testing today and how they can be addressed seamlessly.

Mobile applications are playing a phenomenal role in human life and in digital business transformation initiatives. Meanwhile, these applications have created huge demand for test automation of mobile-specific functions, and eventually to deliver high-quality apps faster to sustain in the market.

Definition for Mobile Apps Testing

The Mobile app testing is a process to test functionality, usability and consistency of an app using application software. This mobile application testing can be automated or done manually.

Current Market Direction for Mobile Application Testing

The application testing solution continues to gain the center stage with swelling adaption of smartphone & other mobile devices.

Segmentation-wise Market Forecast for Mobile Application Testing automation

By Type

Interactive Testing: The Interactive Testing segment in the global mobile application testing solution market was valued at 2.2 billion USD in 2016 and is expected to reach 6.88 billion USD by 2026.

Automated Testing : The Automated Testing segment in the global mobile application testing solution market was valued at 1.05 Million USD in 2015 and is expected to reach 6.40 Billion USD by 2026.

By Platform

Android :In terms of value, the Android segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 20.2% over the forecast period.

iOS:In terms of value, the iOS segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 19.7% over the forecast period.

By Device

Smartphones: The smartphones area in the global market for mobile apps testing solutions is expected to reach 10.60 billion USD by 2026.

Tablets:The Tablets area in the global market for mobile application testing solutions is expected to reach 2.68 billion USD by 2026.

By End Users

Residential:The Residential usage of the mobile application is expected to create opportunity of 6.73 Billion USD by 2026.

Corporate: The Corporate usage of Mobile applications is expected to create an opportunity of 4.31 billion USD by 2026.

Market Analysis:

As per the current market standards, the following mobile applications are in huge demand.

. Renewed Focus on Security

. Use of Big Data

. Mobile Payments

. Voice Commands

. Internet of Things

. Automation Testing

A number of reports have highlighted the benefits of automated testing. Organizations can automate their mobile testing efforts to save both time and cost. But they have to invest in several mobile testing tools and frameworks.

Free Open Source Tools:

Appium: It is an open source test automation framework for mobile web apps.

  • Can be integrated with C#, Java, Ruby and other programming languages
  • Source code be reused for IOS and Android
  • Can be tested Native Apps, Browser, Hybrid Apps

TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz allows users to automate mobile and web testing for Android and IOS operating systems on a variety of browsers and emulators.

  • Mainly used for Android based applications
  • Tests Android Native and Hybrid Apps
  • Can be easily written on Powerful Blokbox test cases for Android applications.
  • Test cases can be written in Java

Robotium: Robotium is an automation tool for Mobile apps, used for Android development.

  • Mainly focuses on the Framework/functional level
  • Features include — Multiple Device control, Regression testing, Extensible automation, and functional testing for Android apps

Challenges in Mobile Application Testing.

Platform, OS and Device Fragmentation:

• Identify the issues using emulators — test with real devices and remotely accessed devices. This also helps in identifying security and network impact.

• Identify the targeted audience and the most popular devices in a geography. This will help save a lot of time and help focus on a smaller set of issues.

• Identify and use a mix of internal mobile lab and cloud-based mobile testing services.

Mobile Device Physical Characteristics

Use different applications for Native / Hybrid and Web Apps

Network Diversity

Testing on real networks and check the memory being impacted in unexpected ways when connecting to different networks with different bandwidths.

Performance and Security:

All possible test case related to data privacy


  • The market is seeing a consistent demand for Mobile Application testing for several years
  • There are new challenges the market haven’t addressed yet
  • Lots of Scope for grabbing the market in mobile application testing domain

Address Testing Challenges with Cloudtestr Testing Automation Platform.

With Cloudtestr, an automated testing platform to deliver continuous testing is a product launched by Suneratech. With this tool, the Maintenance of test case will be easier — Cloudtestr maintains Mobile and Desktop application test case in a single place. Here are a few benefits of Cloudtestr:

  • Save huge on mobile testing
  • Single platform capable of Mobile application and desktop application testing
  • Maintenance of automation test cases will be easier