Paradise Loft

Following is a short conversation with a mysterious stranger at a friend’s loft. It was a strange, strange night.

Luce: Hi, I am Luce. What a night, isn’t it?

Me: You mean the thunder and lightning?

Luce: Yes

Me: I wouldn’t call it nice but whatever. Isn’t this a nice place? It is like paradise

Luce: No, not paradise.

Me: You don’t look from around here?

Luce: I am not, because I am everywhere. I am GOD. Kidding.

Me: Lol. Seriously, what’s your story?

Luce: I grew up in NY, Hell’s Kitchen and recently moved here. It’s been a wild ride already.

Me: How so?

Luce: I was a fast rising star, loved by all and loved by the one who matters the most. So, I join this startup that wants to change the world, universe really. I loved my work and it rewarded me in return. I poured myself in it for making it perfect. Really, perfect. And then one day, I was cast down to hell — just like that. My mistake, questioning the sudden imperfection that had creeped in. They created imperfection and I wanted to fix it. I did it out of loyalty, I did it for the craft and above all I did it because it was the right thing to do. Was I wrong? Were my intentions wrong? Am I bad?

Me: Well, sorry to hear that. Seems like an honest mistake to me.

Luce: Yes, an honest mistake but labeled dishonest.

Me: So what are you doing now?

Luce: I am planning a rebellion. I am recruiting some smart people to found my own startup and build something that will change the world.

Me: Oh! Wow. Hang on — someone at the door, must be my friend.

Luce: Hi, I am Lucifer.

Me: I am so sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Eve, and this my friend, Adam!

Luce: Fuck

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