Its 3.30 am and i just rounded up my Js tutorials on team treehouse. I have a very busy day ahead plus I’m still trying to adjust to the 9–5 life after the switch.

Been learning to follow a scheduled path on my daily activities and so far its been kinda ok. My supposed schedule for today Monday (lundi) goes like this;

  • 7am:get out of bed, have a shower.
  • 7.30 am: fetch breakfast.
  • The great decision of what to wear to the office (i might just use shorts but it’s a Monday.)
  • 8.30 am: Get on transit to work

There’s been a paradigm shift in my mode of work. For three years I’ve worked remotely as a front end developer at da-manager ltd, but it all changed with the company’s decision of getting a full fledged branch here in my city.

My initial reaction was “nooooooooooo”, because I loved working remotely. Who doesn’t love to?

I could wear briefs all day, work from the bed or work from the death star (my workstation) , I could work from a friends place, watch comedy central all day and decide to complete my tasks at night. The pros seem endless, I…

Lines blurred, the definition of boundaries unknown
My doubt stacks on fears as more questions unfold
Will the history of the end be documented on bones?
Or does he transcend to forge a new path without woes.
I seriously doubt that, for what are we without woes?
It’s like the church without the devil, nothing but dusty pews.
Draw the attention of the light with the blood of six million Jews.
But still silence, He once spoke to a selected few.
When all hope departs, my soul clings on to the darkness and his rhetoric.
As my vision fades I whisper aesthetic.


It’s May 4th and my theme is still just 20% done. If you are probably lost and wondering what I’m referring to, I’m referring to the HTML5 template I intend putting up on Themeforest. Or maybe I might just put it up for free here.

So this template is called “The Force”, Yep you should know I’m a star wars fanatic (It’s super obvious from my alias).

While making this template I came up with a cool idea from my “class naming conventions” in CSS, why not make the template and a mini CSS framework? It was pretty cool when…


Front end developer/UI designer, Poet, Lover of dogs and cats.

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