Zero-Day Exploit Found Targeting Crypto-Users

Coinbase Security and Samuel Groß, a security researcher with Google, discovered a zero-day exploit on the Mozilla Firefox browser which uses Javascript objects to incur type confusion. This exploit, tracked as CVE-2019–11707, was seen “in the wild” specifically targeting cryptocurrency users.

Relational databases, commonly known for its universal SQL (Structured Query Language) undoubtedly propelled the boring, static internet into a thriving worldwide network of information exchange. As we begin to venture into the exciting era of Web 3.0, projects are now looking to relational blockchains to usher in the next era of the decentralized web.

How Relational Databases Shaped the Web As We Know It Today

Relational databases is not a new concept conceived by the internet boom in the 90’s and early 2000’s. IBM conceptualized the first relational system database, called System R in 1974 — decades before the internet began to gain traction. System R was the first implementation of…

More Than a Quarter Billion Dollar Loss for Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital Holdings, the institutional crypto fund spearheaded by Michael Novogratz, an industry influencer and blockchain evangelist, reported its biggest loss to date in Q4 amounting to a staggering $97 million according to financial documents disclosed Monday to the Canadian Securities Administrators. The CSA filings are mandatory for Galaxy Digital because of the New York-based Galaxy Digital’s takeover of a publicly traded Canadian trading firm back in February 2018.

The Q4 loss was significantly higher than the $76.7 million loss reported in Q3, an increase of roughly $20 million. Part of the increase in losses for Q4 can be attributed…

Extracting Your Passwords in Cleartext with 12 Lines of Code

In this article I will demonstrate how easy it is for hackers to extract every username and password saved on your Chrome profile. One would think that Chrome would have safety measures to encrypt your password, but apparently that is not the case — sorta. My Chrome profile, like many others, is set up so that there is another encryption password that I have to enter in order to sync all my passwords, bookmarks, settings, browser history, and etc. so it was pretty shocking to me how easy it was for me to extract and decrypt my passwords.

Instant Trades Now Possible without the Need for Centralized Exchanges

Last week I received a private invite to the beta launch of Sparkswap, a semi-decentralized built on the Lightning Network. The only centralized part of the exchange is the “relayer,” which the Sparkswap team controls to perform certain functions like aggregating the orderbook with bids and asks. For the most part, however, the users (aka “brokers”) are in total control: they host nodes themselves, their own wallets with their private keys, conduct transactions directly with the counterparty, etc.

The IEO Streak Continues: LINIX Sells Out in Mind-Blowing Five Seconds. Meanwhile, ICOs continue to decline.

The traditional method of raising funds through ICOs are undoubtedly becoming less and less attractive. In fact, there has been a steady decline in funds raised through traditional ICOs since March ’18 — the numbers don’t lie.

Courtesy of ICOBench: Funds Raised Through ICOs the Past Year

This dramatic decline in retail interest in ICOs have forced projects to adapt and remodel their fundraising techniques in various ways. There are a handful of trends that our ICO Specialists at Lunar Digital Assets have taken note of:

  • Projects pushing back their crowdsale dates indefinitely until the market turns bullish
  • Projects pushing back their crowdsale dates and significantly prolonging the crowdsale period

Our societies have been so indoctrinated by the concept of identity given by our respective governments that many people are incapable or are unwilling to think outside the box of what we think identity means. Social security numbers, passports, drivers licenses, credit scores, etc., are usually what comes into mind when we think of the word “identification.” Don’t get me wrong — government identities were (and are) absolutely necessary to prevent fraud, confusion, and straight-up chaos. But in the midst of our attempt at organization and somewhat accurate file-keeping, we have lost the true meaning of the word. Sadly, we…

While the blockchain world was preoccupied with other newsworthy stories, from the now-delayed Ethereum hardfork to exchange hacks, Monero miners have nervously been watching a very unusual phenomenon unfold in front of them. Monero, once a very profitable privacy coin to mine, have suffered like all PoW coins during the longest Bitcoin bear market to date. But those that are watching the network are scratching their heads as profitability is decreasing while hashrate is increasing.

Monero is no stranger to ASIC miners

Monero is known to be a very anti-ASIC project. In fact, in 2018 alone the project forked two times to combat the rise of ASIC…

A group of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts led by Web3Journal, in an unprecedented move, have self-organized a “completely free-to-stream web conference with some of the top thought leaders in the blockchain space.” The crypto industry is as global as it can be, and there can be a strong argument made that many of the panels that you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to attend can be held on the internet. …

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