AP Style Exercises 3.8 & 3.9

3.8 Exercises

  1. In August 1985, Davies rented a rutabaga stand in Augusta, Georgia.
  2. Pomerantz tied the beehive to Sen. Lily Gramm’s cowboy hat.
  3. About 1,200 Easter rabbits were killed in the expolosion at Big Dave’s Bunny Warehouse located at 2525 Hackensack Drive.
  4. In the 1980s, Davies left the Midwest and moved to the Loire Valley in France.
  5. Smoots brought two cups of coffee to the governor.
  6. About 8 percent of the cantaloupes have been stuffed with rutabagas.
  7. Jones bet $40 that his roommate had hidden the sandwich.
  8. The three university professors share a house at 613 25th Ave.
  9. After 2 feet of snow fell at his home in Columbus, Ohio, Davies decided to leave the Midwest and move to the South.
  10. On Dec. 11, all classes will be canceled. (specific day after it, you can shorten it.)
  11. On the morning of August 9, the mayor skipped her aerobics class.
  12. Davies drove 2 million miles in his old Toyota Corolla before it blew up.
  13. Dr. Kildare said he had filed a malpractice suit against Marcus Welby.
  14. At 8 p.m. in the evening, Governor Jim Guy Tucker of Arkansas will give a short speech in front of the Gorgas Library.

3.9 Exercises

  1. Estalene Smoots dropped her French class the first day of school.
  2. Sadie Hoots won $3.2 million on Wheel of Fortune.
  3. Frustrated that their professor required them to eat fried rutabagas, the students walked out of class at 9 a.m on Tuesday.
  4. The office manager had two puppies, 21 plants and 62 cats.
  5. President Aubrey Lucas is originally from Compton, California.
  6. On Oct. 25, Ruth Ann Bobetski will turn 41.
  7. Goober Hicks lives at 10 West Hardy St. (?) He used to live in a run-down shack at 2803 Williamsburg Road.
  8. Abby gave birth to a nine-pound baby boy.
  9. The president invited me to dinner at the White House, but I could not fit it into my schedule.
  10. Sen. Davies said his earning had increased 10 percent in the 1980s.
  11. Barney the dinosaur (?) will be executed on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
  12. Twenty-five vagabonds attacked me from behind in front of the hub.
  13. Sara Snarkle found a 10-inch bug crawling in her spaghetti. “Great! Now I won’t need seconds,” Snarkle said.
  14. All the men in the ROTC chapter wore red, white and blue pantyhose to class in January 1991.
  15. The Bay City baseball team lost their final game, 2–1 and climbed dejectedly back onto their bus.