Chapter 1 Blog Post

Reporters are supposed to be objective in reporting news, but I do believe that that is impossible to accomplish. The book says the main goal of journalism is to inform. This information should be presented in a raw, real way, but every reporter carries their own personal history, baggage, culture, and even writing style.

Journalists are supposed to be accurate and fair; however bias opinions easily comes into play for every reporter. People like better, happier news about war compared the deadly, scary news to hear. Being in Belgium this summer, it was really interesting to see all the international news and what they broadcast compared to what American news channels cast are very different. Not broadcasting all of the correct news can greatly affect the readers mindset towards a topic or event, and it is basically feeding lies into their reader if the reporter misrepresents the news. Reporters try to be fair, but as reporters, one should try to find a balance with truth. They should lookout for sources that do not seem real and they should never, never report sources they are not 100% sure about. Sources have become harder and harder to verify as the internet grows, but it is so important to get it correct in case of legal matters and being accused of slander.

Media and the journalism field are drastically changing day by day. The role of journalism in society has rapidly changed in the digital age and is usually no longer associated with just paper and ink. Social media has become a large output of media, and everyday people have become the ones who send in videos, tips, and pictures to the news. This year being an election year has blown up the news with scandals and biased news websites. Different television stations and newspapers have reputations that go before their reports. News media is not just newspapers anymore, but articles and even short videos, like Buzzfeed, that portray news.

The journalistic field is expanding more and more, and that is making students necessary to know the ins and out of internet research and software that allows writers to write at ease.

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