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Ryan Recants Endorsement of Trump

After Trump’s derogatory statements about women coming out this past Friday, Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has recanted his endorsement of Trump. Trump has caused there to be some question to Ryan being able to continue to be Speaker of the House. Ryan says he will no longer support or defend Trump and his actions.

Trump and Clinton tied in Utah

A poll released Wednesday shows the two presidential canidates are tied in Utah. Utah has always swayed Republican, partially to do with their heavy amount of Mormons. Mormon voters are conflicted with their beliefs playing into Trump’s Islamic policy and Clinton’s views on abortion.

Pence Speaks at Largest Evangelical University

Republic Vice-Presidential candidate, Pence, spoke at Liberty University, the largest Christian university, after his running mate’s controversial comments about women came to light Friday. Pence rallied Christians to forgive Trump for his past actions. However, many Republicans are calling for Trump to withdraw his nomination so Pence can take his bid for the presidency.

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