A Perfect Mistake : Visited Om Banna Temple instead of Om Ashram

Checkout Part 1 in case you missed it

Photo Credit: Jeevanantham

2:30.PM. So hungry. We went to a hotel nearby and desperately checking the food menu. Apart from chapathi, every name was strange for us. Ok, will search what is special in Rajasthan. “OK Google” “What’s special food in Rajasthan?” It was a quick response, from Madhu, also Google! We were asking those dishes names to the waiter.

“Dal Bati & Churma?” “Nahi.” “Gatte ki Sabzi?” “Nahi.” “Goonda ki Sabzi?” “Nahi.” “Rajasthani Kadhi?” “Haanji.”

Finally we found something!!

We had chapathi with special Rajasthani Kadhi. Delicious Lunch. After the delicious lunch, I bought a key chain from a nearby shop. “Bullet Baba Keychain” for my bullet lover friend.

We started back to Pali to get back our friend’s specs. It’s been fixed! Still, we have time. We resumed our search in google for the real Om Ashram (aka Jadan Ashram). Got it! It’s 24kms away. Confirmed!

Auto.., Drop us to the Pali bus station.” This time, no more questions to the auto brother. “How much?” “40 bucks.” “Thank you!”

We got the bus to Om Ashram. Crossed the highway and reached one of the entrance gates of the ashram. We registered in the visitor’s book, and walked inside.

So calm and peaceful place. Cukoo bird is singing somewhere. Squirrel sound. Such a good place for meditation! They were other spots that we explored around the ashram: Bhakti Sagar, Shiva Temple, Rainwater Harvesting — Talab, some agricultural land, etc. Everything was well constructed and maintained. Finally, after walking few distances, we reached Om Ashram.

Wait Wait Wait! Om Ashram! GOD! Are you kidding me again?! It was the real Om Ashram but, UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
Om Ashram. Under Construction.

Cranes are lifting those numbered stone blocks to keep in the right position. After 10 more years, it will form as an Om-shaped Ashram!

This time, real pin drop silence. Nothing to talk, realizing our next mistake of the day. Not even curious to search anything. But then, an old man came to us and told the entire story of Om Ashram. He took us inside the main entrance and showed us around. He also proudly showed us his blind bull…!

Just like our current situation :(

We got a jeep to come back to Pali from the highway. One day, two mistakes. But, it was good to see the Om Banna Temple first . A perfect mistake. (checkout part 1 in case you missed it)

We reached Pali in the night. On time. Attended Praful’s Marriage Reception. Took a selfie with Bride & Groom. Had some Rajasthan special dishes. And at last, we started for our next destination.


Photo Credit: Hanz Abdulkalam