A Perfect Mistake : Visited Om Banna Temple instead of Om Ashram

Om Banna Temple

Om Banna’s Bullet(Bullet Baba). | Photo Credit: Sri Madhu

March 01, 2017. It was a Wednesday. Our friend Praful’s marriage reception is tonight. We have the entire day to roam around Pali (a city in Rajasthan, western India). But before that, we had to fix Haji’s pair of spectacles, which got broken the previous night (After effects of late night party. LOL).

We, four of us, started our journey from Praful’s home immediately after breakfast. First target, to find an optical store in Pali Town.

After a long walk we found one, but they promised us to return the repaired specs only after four hours. This meant that we had some time to explore Pali.

Before starting from Bengaluru, we had a plan to visit Om Ashram, which is in Pali District. But, because of some reasons we cancelled that plan. Now it’s the time to rethink about it. We asked some localites about the Ashram.

Of course, our auto brothers. They know every place better than anyone else.

We started in the same auto to the nearest bus station. Our destination is somewhere 20kms away from Pali Town. We needed to catch a bus from there to the ashram. We got on to the bus and after some time the bus conductor said that the next stop is ours! Oh! So fast!

Lot of expectations. Om Ashram is constructed in the om shape format. We had already saw a picture of it in Google. But…

Wait a minute! Where is it? Did we get down at the wrong bus stop? Or maybe we have to walk some more distance. Ok, there is a small temple nearby. We asked a local who was walking past the temple.

“Bhayya, yeh Om Mandhir kidhar hai?”

Oops! He is giving me a weird look. I thought my Hindi was wrong. Suddenly my friend showed me something. A name board written Shri Om Banna Temple!

Of course, our auto brothers. They know every place, even this also.

It was our mistake. We should have search the actual location before we started the journey. But anyway, can’t change anything now. We better go and pray.

We took out our shoes and entered inside. It was a small open temple. Someone applied thilak on my forehead. Maybe the Poojari but, he doesn’t look like one. Some other guy is doing Pooja, sitting on a platform and giving prasadam to the devotees.

Few people were sitting nearby and singing along with drums and harmonium.

But, which God are they worshipping here? I can see only one young guy’s picture, which is framed and kept on that platform next to that Poojari. Oh, some other folks are there behind that platform also. Maybe the God is there, will go and check.

Oh. My. God!! Are you kidding me?!
There is a Bullet inside! Not the weapon, but a Royal Enfield 350cc! People are praying to Bullet!!
Really, incredible !ndia !!
Royal Enfield 350cc (RNJ- 7773)

We came outside and sat under a tree, looking each other. A pin drop silence (exaggeration because it’s in the Pali-Jodhpur highway) to realize our mistake, at the same time, curious to find out the history of the Om Banna Temple (aka Bullet Baba Temple).

to be continued…