Open Concept Lab enhancements — The 6th Week of GSoC 2017

As the last blog said that I need to cost 2 weeks to learn how to use AngularJS. I am glad that this I can be familiar with the AngularJS within two weeks. So it’s time to end the learning period, and start my second task.

This week I have learned some knowledges about the rest of AngularJS, like

  • Service : A little confused
  • Bootstrap
  • event
  • form

I believe that I can implement the second task with these basics I learned these two weeks. In fact, I have to say, javascript is powerful for web applications.

It is better to have a plan for the next week. I hope I can understand the whole requirement about the second task. And I have to an complete idea about it, implement a specific technical proposal. Maybe I have time to code few to implement a part of this task.

That’s all, I think all the technical detail will record in next week blog. Thank you for all the people who care about me.