When You Need Help…

When you’re down in life and searching for help, try reading this... Maybe it’ll give you the boost you’re needing. Remember to help yourself first.

Be kind to yourself.

Be generous when it comes to acknowledging that you are a good person. Not only because others say it, but because you are genuinely a good person. Make you into who you want to be. Fall in love with who you are. Excuse all the mistakes you’ve made.

Spend time by yourself.

Solitude allows your brain to reboot, and unwind. It helps improve concentration, and increase productivity. Most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to discover yourself. Provide yourself time think effectively, and deeply. Disconnect from the world. Schedule solitude. Mark off time on your calendar, spend time with yourself. Find your own voice.

Live on your own terms.

Live your life on your own terms. Be free of guilt, and feel free to refuse something you do not want to do. It takes courage to stand up. It can be an inconvenience to others, but if it isn’t truly what you want to do, why do it? People will fault you for being inconvenient, but take a stand. It’s not bad to refuse to bend. Ultimately, if you can look at yourself in the mirror with a clear conscience, you’re going to be happy. Remember, do what is best for you.

Life will mend itself.

No matter what the issue may be, life is a kaleidoscope of broken pieces. If something is broken, give it time to mend. The world isn’t as bad as you think. It’s honestly a beautiful place out there. You just have to survive though this part. The money situation will improve. You just need to keep pushing yourself through, you will reach success.. You will find someone to settle with. Don’t stop looking, just stop hating on yourself so badly for not finding them yet. Time solves nearly everything.