Day 13 (Charleston, WV): Scaffolds or no folds at all

Paint the wall like it was meant for you

Mile 585.1 (+754)

BUILD DAY 2 IS HEEERRRRREE! Our wake up time was moved an hour later to 7am. We visited a local church, where food is served to patrons who aren’t able to afford it. We had the opportunity to talk to the guests and eat the same meal they ate. Sharing food is always an experience that helps me bridge personalities together. After visiting the church, we arrived at the Habitat site to paint homes in Charleston.

~How high can you go? How high can you go!?

Painting walls is very relaxing. Once you have your brush and a bucket of paint, you can put your mind on autopilot. You have time to focus on spreading paint or spreading your thoughts. Your choice. This build day was just as hot as the previous. Sweat and hydrating is super important. We all packed into a shipping container full of carpenter tools to escape the heat.

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. I wanna wanna get in the shade!

Charleston Habitat contrasted Charlottesville profoundly. They didn’t present the same environment or feel. In some ways I think the contrast is just as important at the similarities. Local Habitat chapters benefit from having character.

Free Bike Mechanic Clinic

Our host (KCCC) was graciously kind enough to bring in mechanics and a masseuse. Our bikes were tuned and ready to go like our bodies.

The only way to spend free time is to shave

To shave or not to shave? Sweating is the question. Scorching weather eludes to short hair. Sweat harbored in hair does not lead to fun times. Solution? Shave. It. Off.

Aftermath of unpacking during the night at a host

Every night, our bags look like they were dumped into our host site. Somewhat organized chaos. Yet, we find a way to pack everything leaving the area better than we found it. Huntington, what you got?

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