Day 24 (St. Louis, MO): Give me all your BBQ

The pork rinds put sammy over the top

Mile 1196.74

LET’S GO TO ST. LOUIS!!!…But maybe not St. Louis and really Granite City, IL…but it’s close enough right? Show me your Gateway Arch, St. Louis! SoJo and I cycled a quick 50 to get to the host site early. She had to fly home that night to celebrate her sister’s graduation! I wanted to stay out of the heat as long as possible and relax for a little bit.

The directions to bbQ

I think this is by far one of my favorite rides. The route wasn’t very scenic in any sense but I was able to get to know SoJo better. I didn’t anticipate having the conversation that we did. There were a lot of similarities and flow to the conversation. To any future B&B’ers: 1 on 1 rides are just another level above group rides I think.

The only picture I had from the beautiful bike trail going into St. Louis | This doesn’t do it justice

Although our host was in Granite City, we all managed to find our way to St. Louis. Catherine’s friend, Dan, was such an awesome tour guide for us. He first took a couple of us to Bogart’s Smokehouse and HOT DAMN…what a freaking great meal. The sammy above is the best BBQ I have ever had.

The pork rinds puts the meal over the top

Dan then took us to see the Arch. I decided not to go up and went to the Budweiser processing plant instead. The Arch is gorgeous but being inside wasn’t worth the $13 to me.

And there she stood in all her glory

The cool thing about Budweiser is that they fund St. Louis’ water purification system to ensure that they have access to the cleanest water possible to produce their beer. Budweiser originated in St. Louis.

Gateway Arch vs. Budweiser Brewery

Catherine, Kelsey and I took on St. Louis and found some darts and shuffleboard.

I’m doing my best I can’t wiat to sleep face

Outside Molly’s I found a light post with a missing cat reward sign. Do you know what that means? High foot traffic and the perfect place for a #IRideForChrisWebber sticker.


St. Louis is a little bitter about the years 2001, 2004, and 2013. #BostonNative

Beauty in architecture

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